Welcome to Sweet Associates

Sweet Associates is a hydrogeological consulting company located in Falmouth, Maine with over 35 years of experience designing septic systems for residential and commercial sites. Dick Sweet specializes in predicting groundwater contamination from proposed developments and investigating existing developments for contamination.

We also conduct preliminary soils investigations for determining suitability for subsurface wastewater disposal, wetland mapping and permitting, environmental transaction screening for commercial properties, and pump tests for high water use projects such as golf courses and quarries.

Sweet Associates provides groundwater mounding studies, drawdown calculations, and computer modeling for well monitoring and commercial projects.

Aeration Systems

Sweet Associates is closely affiliated with Aeration Systems, which is a producer and manufacturer of OxyPro™, a subsurface wastewater pre-treatment system. Aeration Systems products provide innovative and economical solutions to wastewater treatment. Please check out their website at: aerationsystemsllc.com.