Septic System Design & Inspection

Septic System Investigation

Sweet Associates has been conducting septic system inspections since real estate transactions began to include them. We start our inspection with a walk over the entire septic area looking for evidence of problems. Some evidence of problems we look for are effluent that is or has recently surfaced, wet spots, and areas with changes in vegetation.

After our ground observation, we then locate the tanks, uncover lids, observe the liquid levels, scum and sludge depth and look for evidence of backups. The next step is to check the condition of the baffles. We also look for cracks, roots and any other evidence of tank weakness.

Once the tank has been inspected, the disposal or leach field is evaluated. We begin with determining the size and location of the disposal field and if the size of the disposal field is adequate for the home. Next we dig into the disposal field to determine liquid levels in the field and look for any evidence of past failure within the disposal field.

Our final step is to complete a written report which we then send to you, the buyer or you the homeowner, depending on who commissioned the investigation.