Wetland Mapping

When the time is right for you to build on or subdivide your land and you suspect your land contains wetlands - let Sweet Associates help you by providing a wetland delineation study.

Most cities, towns and states have setback requirements and buffer zones when it comes to building near wetlands. Sweet Associates has 35 plus years of experience in helping developers, homeowners and municipalities with wetland delineations so that the necessary permitting and variances can be obtained and your project can move forward.

Sweet Associates provides wetland mapping for significant wetlands, identification of vernal pools and assistance with permit requests if necessary. This process involves a thorough investigation, and if necessary, GPS location and flagging of any critical areas on-site.

We flag critical area boundaries and display them on a map along with the associated buffer width. The map will be presented in a report that may be used for permitting as well as site layout. The report will also include information on local regulations including setbacks.

Our wetland mapping work is approved by the Maine DEP and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.